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As your Catholic school board trustee, I am honored to serve and advocate for the educational needs of our students, teachers, and families. Together, we form an integral part of a vibrant and nurturing environment where faith, learning, and community intersect. My commitment is to ensure that every member of our community feels valued, supported, and empowered to thrive. With a dedication to fostering strong connections and meaningful dialogue, I invite you to join me in our journey of building bridges, nurturing faith, and shaping the future of our Catholic education. Together, let's continue to strengthen the bonds that unite us and inspire excellence in all that we do.

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I am proud to be married to my wonderful wife of 20 years Erin (a Catholic elementary teacher) with whom we have our loving daughter Charlotte and our puppy Duncan.

I am an active member of the Pro-Cathedral of the Assumption where I am part of the RCIA team, coordinator of the lector ministry, member of the social committee and fundraising committee, provide IT / livestreaming support and serve on the regional evangelization team.

I am currently the Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus and producer of The Catholic Buzz podcast.

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With humility, I am happy to share a few kind words from friends, acquantances, and clients.

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